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Autumnal Memories

As the leaves started falling from the trees and the skies turned to grey for the first real time this Autumn, memories of my sister's life changing cancer, diagnosed in November many years ago, came flooding back. Childhood illness can cause many types of losses and bereavement to the whole family. The sister that came home from hospital was so different to the one that went in. But despite the challenges she, and we, faced we found beauty and strength that we had not previously known.

Here's a little poem from my musings...

Autumnal Memories

Autumn leaves falling

Grey skies rolling

Memories of pain and sadness

Float across my view

Memories of loss

Fun filled days, stripped away

Replaced with uncertainty

A dark winter up ahead

Not only once,

But twice

Autumn came

To steal the joy of sibling love

To leave a bare empty place

The longest,


Seasons of the soul

A life full of joy

A soul full of strength

A girl full of dreams and hopes

Plans and love


Replaced with frailty

Replaced with loss

Replaced with the uncertainty of how long she had left

Autumn was hard

Winter was darker

Why her?

Why me?

Why us?

But even in winter

A warmth was known

The arms of a Father

Who won't ever let go

And winter won't last

The thaw will come

Spring will soon appear

Spring will bring

The joy of new life

Discovering wonders

Not previously known

New dreams

New plans

Though with more apprehension

New life

New friends

Needing more understanding

New love

New faith

With a greater depth and more mystery

New joy despite pain

New laughter through tears

New perspective on home

New experience of the eternal

A crown of beauty for ashes

The oil of joy instead of mourning

"Home is where Jesus is"

That's what she said

Whatever the season

Whatever the place

Home is where Jesus is

That doesn't change.

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