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Voices of siblings heard during the research project

Sibling Boxes ideas

Getting together with a group of friends/families to make up some boxes for the siblings of children at your local hospital can be a great way of supporting those families.

There is no prescribed list of what or how much to include in the boxes. Get creative!

Below are some suggestions to help get you started.

Please ensure you check the age appropriateness of each item in the boxes.

It can be helpful to make boxes for a specific age range and label the boxes as such.

Sibling boxes.jpeg

Small cuddly toy

Colouring pens/crayons or pencil crayons

Colouring book/note book/sketch book

Craft materials

Couple of pots of play dough +/- a couple of plastic cutters

Stickers +/- sticker book

Puzzle book

Age appropriate small games eg top trumps/pack of cards



Disposable camera


A card to the siblings

Cards for siblings

Activities to do with siblings

There are a wide range of downloadable activities on the Centre for Paediatric Spiritual Care website suitable for different ages.


We particularly recommend:

Caring Tree 


Glitter bottles / sand art – using different coloured glitter to talk about emotions

Prayer tree leaves – if you have a prayer tree

 Russian dolls

Sensory or Treasure box

Walk and chat or trip out with one sibling

School sibling Group outline

Please return to check for upload

Recommended Books

​Primarily for younger children:

You are special

Fly eagle Fly, an African tale

God’s dream

The invisible string

The rabbit listened

In my heart

The Feelings Book - Todd Parr

The Blue Day Book for Kids only available second hand but told in this youtube clip    

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