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Day 2

The day started with a wonderful rendition of African praise songs by our porter and guides team before we started walking! What a wonderful way to start the day! And we were so blessed that the clouds had cleared so we had a stunning view of the peak ahead of us all morning. As the clouds and mist moved in during the afternoon, the temperature definitely dropped and there was beauty in a different sort of way surrounding us. When the clouds parted, we would see beautiful views of the plains below us or stunning glimpses of the Mweni peak peaking through the clouds. One of our team (susie) was still struggling with altitude sickness, but she was an absolute trooper sipping on her water, taking it slowly and keeping on keeping on. We all walked at her pace, stopping as she, or any of the team, needed. And all did our best to encourage and support her the the next camp. And she made it! We sung our way along a lot of the journey and gave thanks for all the little and big things we had to be thankful for - the clear skies and views, the beauty of the mist, when Susie's headache improved, water, amazingly tasty lunch!, our porters, actual toilets at lunch and in the camp, warm sleeping bags... The list goes on. Praying for health and energy for Susie and the rest of the team as we sleep and all through tomorrow.

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