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Hi from Tanzania

Hi from Tanzania! We are staying with our relatives in a town called Moshi, a little way from the foot of Kilimanjaro. After being wonderfully chauffeured to Birmingham airport (shout out to Helen Phipps and Steve Lee) we had a rather exhausting 24 hour journey to get here. On our last flight we saw Kilimanjaro towering above the clouds as we flew in! We had a wonderful African experience of church this morning - wooden benches under a canopy with worship and sharing all translated into English, Kiswahili and Maasai. We had such a warm welcome from the congregation who sent us on with many blessings and words of encouragement for our climb. We talked about how, when there is someone in a family with a disability or illness, it often feels like an uphill struggle for each member of the family, and siblings can sometimes be forgotten. We start our uphill journey up at 9am tomorrow morning (7am UK time) - nervous but excited.

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