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Inspiring Lives is a project that aims to bring hope, love and restoration to families living with significant childhood sickness or disability;

celebrating what has been, acknowledging the pain of any loss and creating beauty in what lies ahead.​

Our Aims

Provide support

for siblings of children with complex care needs and those dealing with ongoing losses.


Provide opportunity

by which individuals within their families and the wider community can be celebrated, valued and supported.


Fund, support and carry out research

into the impact on all family members living with or alongside chronic illness or disability.


Raise awareness 

We recognise that families affected by disability or chronic conditions are made of not just those with extra needs and the parents, but also the siblings and friends who walk this journey together. We want to be a voice for those whose voice is often not heard because of the volume of demands on those around them and enable their stories to be told.


Provide training resources 

We aim to develop and point people to training resourses for services that are regularly in contact with families who have a child with extra needs.


Connect with and support existing services



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